The saga between YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan and Ultra Records continues with a new counterclaim filed by Phan that seeks damages for lost ad revenue because of Ultra’s original suit against her.

The record company filed suit against Phan in July over her alleged unlicensed use of their music, including a track by Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade. At the time, Phan told TMZ Ultra had given her permission to use their music, and that her videos “showcased [them] to an international audience.” Now she’s launching a counterclaim.





Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj performing ***Flawless in Paris (FULL HD)

1:59 tho

my soul tried leaving my chest at 1:59

YO @ 1:59 my spirit ascended. 

Died and reblogging this from heaven.


We did another Week In Dads Google hangout thing… Look, just know these video discussions are coming your way each week. You can either get onboard or rail against it. But, either way, it will happen. It’s like Katy Perry that way.

This week, me and how2beadad are joined by shuggilippo and itylerparkinson. This week’s topics: Adrian Peterson, divorce hurts rich kids, parenting like our parents, racist trombones and learning to say BOOOOOYAHH to life.

I think I’m the Katy Perry even though I felt more like Rick Perry.